Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here are some pictures of some things that have occurred recently. Wheeee!


The above shots are from a show we played at the Swan Dive on April 12th. Photos were taken by Eddie Lehwald.

Eddie and I, shortly before recording a whip-ass dueling accordion version of "Delilah."

In other news, I'm getting a new accordion next week and I can't. fucking. wait. My impatience is trumped only by the fact that I still have to save up $150 before I can go and get it. Sooo close!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stranger Still

A gentleman comes ambling through the doorway with a quiet step
A gentleman with blazing eyes slips his hand in mine
and calls me baby,
says I'm pretty
A man with a heart of horsehair lights his cigarette and doesn't call
and so I waver
On the warmest night of the year,
so far,
I fear the waxing moon draws you elsewhere
and the tug of the tides only serves to pull our ships in opposite directions
For ever I am flagging you down,
trying to be clever
But forces conspire
And still I wonder

Take me down to the river
Weave your words into eerie melodies
Keep me guessing
So long as our eyes reflect the sky we'll be true
We'll be real,
rife with lust and misfortune
and if we rip holes in others' hearts,
Well, Love be damned
For our path is choked with poison ivy
yet it surely shall be written
And on some dark mistaken evening,
you'll arrive with wicked strings in hand,
Stare me down and take me home
Then for ever in dreams shall I recall your touch
And ever shall I make my days stranger
Stranger still