Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last night I dreamed that I was dreaming of you
And from a window across the lawn I watched you undress
Wearing your sunset of purple tightly woven around your hair
That rose in strangled ebony curls
Moving in a yellow bedroom light
The air is wet with sound
The faraway yelping of a wounded dog
And the ground is drinking a slow faucet leak
Your house is so soft and fading as it soaks the black summer heat
A light goes on and the door opens
And a yellow cat runs out on the stream of hall light and into the yard

A wooden cherry scent is faintly breathing the air
I hear your champagne laugh
You wear two lavender orchids
One in your hair and one on your hip
A string of yellow carnival lights comes on with the dusk
Circling the lake with a slowly dipping halo
And I hear a banjo tango

And you dance into the shadow of a black poplar tree
And I watched you as you disappeared

Stickbugman on my front door.

 You are my sunshine...

Wall of tabasco at store on Decatur St., New Orleans.

Fire spinner at Viva Variety, 6/10/10.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Damn! It has been a busy month. I moved, I adopted a stray dog, I went on an impromptu road trip, my best friend came into town, I turned 21 and I have been drunk all week and my internet has not been working! Things are slowing down a bit now. I've spent the last four or five days swimming at Barton Springs and it has been so beautiful and relaxing. Currently I'm at a coffee shop catching up with emails and willing for the cloudburst to pass so I can head home. I haven't had a chance to update recently nor have I been able to upload any photos for a while but I will try and get some stuff up in the next few days - I've no idea how many people actually read this but I suppose it's more for me than anyone else anyway :) And I have so many damn pictures of fancy things to edit and be excited about and share with everyone or someone or no one. I love Austin more and more every day.