Sunday, July 24, 2011

Revoir Pour L'instant...

Goodbye, little E M Franklin ave. house. Goodbye stray dogs, Salad Bowl, Crouton, and all the other lovable weirdos on this street. Goodbye hardwood floors and yellow kitchen. Goodbye to the hidden rattlesnake that is security.

So long for now, Austin...I'll be back in a couple of weeks. I will miss you fiercely while I'm gone - I already miss you, and am almost worried about myself outside of your safe walls. But, the fire and passion that brought me to this city has resurfaced and is urging me to go, go, but to return again, and I shall, much sooner than most. I'm off to a drier desert, to sandstone cliffs and sweeping dunes full of wind and mesquite, and to a colder coast, a river; to lands as yet unknown to me. I bring only my heart and eyes, and I know not what condition I shall return with them in. I look forward to resting, swimming, singing, digging my fingers deep into the earth and sand and breathing cool air. I am embracing the uncertainty that is wrapped tightly around my spine, a mechanical spider digging into me with all its legs, and all my unanswered questions lying in wait, looming on the horizon like storm clouds. I do not know if I am searching for solutions, clarity - I do not know what I will find. I know only that there is no other choice now than to wander, and it feels so right and so strange. Farewell, everything, a tout a l'heure, all my love for all this city and all the friends and lovers in all the far corners of the world on their own adventures.