Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet, Sad, Strange

Song for a Fiddler - 4 or 5 parts now, I think, and counting...
New roommate tomorrow with soft voice, guitar
Summer heat, shadowed nights,
blue-eyed stranger on my porch playing Metzakookia,
Yiddish Blues,
Berdecheiver Khosid
Songs we knew by different names
And always the cicadas,
always the whirring of bicycles and the baying of a dog
Cold beers always and too much nicotine for a jaded spirit
And each evening, the promise of newness,
of rebirth,
of breathless phone calls in the dead of night
The wheeze of the bellows and the song within your bow
Sing it again
It's been a month, you said
And, I think, it will be one more month
before each little piece falls into place
Or someone comes and someone leaves
Someone comes and someone stays
I cannot say
I will keep my hands and eyes for me
For now